Water hardness is demonstrated by scale buildup in water heaters or on plumbing fixtures, 通过肥皂沉积在餐具和织物上, 还有水槽和浴缸里的肥皂渣. To learn about the 8 major signs you might have a hard water issue, read our 博客.


当水以雨的形式穿过大气层时, 雪, 雨夹雪, 冰雹, 露水, 或雾, 它能吸收杂质和气体. 和, 因为水是通用溶剂, it picks up even more impurities as it travels through the earth as ground water. Whatever the water comes in contact with, it will dissolve a part of it.


Water ‘hardness’ is caused by the minerals calcium 和 magnesium in ground 和 surface water. If either or both minerals are present in your drinking water in high concentrations, 水被认为是“硬的”.’ These minerals come from sedimentary rock such as limestone that dissolves into our water. 硬水的结果是难以产生用于洗涤的泡沫或泡沫,并且在水龙头和其他装置上积聚矿物质. Water containing low concentrations of calcium or magnesium is called ‘soft’ water. To learn about the signs you may have hard water in your home, read our 博客.


One of the most common water treatment 问题s found in well water is 铁. 铁有三种不同的形式.

亚铁(溶解)- 虽然看不见,但它是最常见的铁. 后来,当氧气与亚铁混合时,它会污染水槽, 厕所和洗衣房,尤其是添加了漂白剂的地方. To reduce levels of ferrous 铁, softening 和 or filtration is performed.

铁(悬浮)- Ferric 铁 or 棕色(的) water 铁 is oxidized 和 forms particles. Once these particles settle down, they can normally be seen in a glass of water. Sometimes these particles are too small to be seen 和 are very difficult to remove.

〇铁细菌 铁细菌是对铁的总称,铁会在厕所水箱中留下粘稠的生长或积聚,有时会堵塞过滤器, 软化剂和管道. 这些细菌是无害的, but are considered a nuisance bacteria because of their difficulty in removing.


Brown or black stains found in the dishwasher are usually from high levels of manganese. Manganese that is dissolved in water can stain when the level is above .5毫克/升.. The dishwasher is a perfect mechanism to oxidize it because it heats it, 搅动它,把水和空气混合. Manganese can also stain clothes in the washing machine, due to the same reasons. 如果加入漂白剂,污渍会更严重.


这表明水具有腐蚀性,通常呈酸性. 酸性水可以从泵、管道和固定装置中浸出金属. If left alone without treatment it can cause leaks in copper pipes 和 fixtures. 酸度的测量范围为0-14,7为中性, 小于7是酸性,大于7是碱性.


硫化氢气体是一种自然产生的污染物, 是什么让水散发出难闻的臭鸡蛋味. 这通常表明井中存在某种形式的无害矿物还原细菌. Testing is very difficult because it is a gas 和 it comes out of solution very quickly. There are no known health effects; however hydrogen sulfide can also make the water somewhat corrosive.


Once in a while you get a glass of water, 和 it looks cloudy; maybe milky is a better term. 几秒钟后,它奇迹般地变清了! 浑浊是由于水中微小的气泡造成的. Like any bubbles, the air rises to the top of the water 和 goes into the air, clearing up the water. The water in the pipes coming into your house might be under a bit of pressure, 还有气体(空气), 哪些溶解在加压水中, 当水流入你的杯子时,会流出来吗, 在正常大气压下它在哪里.


A water softener replaces the ‘hardness’ minerals with sodium or potassium. 添加到水中的这些元素的量与你从食物中摄取的相比是相对微不足道的,不应该构成健康问题.

Most often, water softeners are regenerated with salt 和 water. 再生是软化剂内部的软化材料可以反复使用的过程. Once the regeneration is completed, the salt 和 water solution is flushed into the drain. 要了解软水器的工作原理,请阅读加拿大28走势图的 博客.


是的, 任何软水器都可以用氯化钾盐, however some loss of capacity between regenerations can occur. 请咨询你的经销商. 如果你使用“钾盐”的理由是出于健康考虑,请记住,氯化钾也是一种盐. Consult with your doctor whenever there is a health concern about your water.


如果你担心钠的话, your water quality improvement professional can explain the amount of sodium in softened water. 这取决于供水的硬度. Any person on a sodium-restricted diet should follow the advice of his physician. All municipal water supplies contain some naturally occurring sodium. 如果钠限制饮食非常严格, 讨论RO的使用, or some other water quality improvement system to reduce the sodium to meet your requirements.

加拿大28走势图整理了一个方便的教育片段来帮助你了解水中的钠和你吃的东西,或者你可以阅读加拿大28走势图的 博客 关于软水器的迷思.

为了比较, 一片白面包含有约114毫克钠, 一杯8盎司的牛奶含有120毫克的钠. 如果你的水每加仑含有10粒谷物, 和 if you consumed a total of one quart of softened water a day, 你额外摄入的钠是75毫克——比一片面包或一杯牛奶还少.


任何类型的清洁盐都可以使用. 水权 recommends the use of either block or solar salts. These two types of salt seem to be the cleanest 和 will cause the least 问题s in the brine tank.

水权在任何时候都不建议在使用其设备时使用铁清洁剂添加剂或“铁配件型盐”. 如果使用这些清洁剂,将对消毒系列设备中的结晶介质有害. 请咨询您当地的经销商或 加拿大28技巧 正确使用盐.


Well water can become contaminated without any change in the water’s taste, smell or appearance. 以下是 常见的污染物 在美国各地的住宅井中发现;

  • 砷. 这种有毒元素自然存在于土壤和基岩中, but occurs in particularly high levels in Northeast Wisconsin. 误食会导致严重的健康问题.
  • 氯化物. 少量的盐是天然的. Higher levels are unnatural 和 may indicate a faulty water softener, 路盐, 化粪池废物或肥料污染.
  • 大肠杆菌的细菌. 土壤微生物的自然组成部分, 昆虫, 温血动物, coliform bacteria is the primary indicator for the presence of disease-causing organisms in water.
  • 氟化. 天然存在于水中. While low levels of fluoride are desirable, excessive amounts may stain teeth.
  • 硬度. Interferes with cleaning tasks from laundering 和 dishwashing to bathing 和 personal grooming. Clothes laundered in hard water may look dingy 和 feel harsh 和 scratchy. 盘子和玻璃杯干燥时可能会有污渍. Hard water may cause a film on glass shower doors, shower walls, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, 等. 用硬水洗的头发可能会感觉粘粘的,看起来很暗沉. 这些沉积物也会积聚在家庭的管道中, 热水器及电器, 导致它们的运行效率降低.
  • 硫化氢. 溶于水的气体. 它的臭鸡蛋味很容易被发现.
  • 铁. Not considered hazardous to health, but when the level of 铁 in water exceeds the DNR 0.3毫克/升, 加拿大28走势图体验红色, 棕色(的), 或衣服染黄, 玻璃器皿, 餐具及家居. The water may also have a metallic taste 和 an offensive odor. Water system piping 和 fixtures can also become restricted or clogged.
  • 引领. Houses built before 1985 may contain lead pipes or lead-based solder. 铅会对幼儿造成严重的健康问题.
  • 锰. A metal found in rock 和 does not occur naturally in pure form. Manganese will cause black staining 和 many times is accompanied by 铁 和 hydrogen sulfide. Evidence of manganese staining is most prominently found in the dishwasher.
  • 硝酸盐. Elevated levels can be an indication of contamination by farm chemicals, 草坪肥料, 或者脓毒饱和度. 硝酸盐会对婴儿造成严重的健康风险.
  • 硫酸盐. 高浓度的硫酸盐会产生异味, 离开点, 味苦,有暂时通便作用.

你当地的, authorized 水权 dealer has the expertise to find the best treatment method for your water. 今天就和他们谈谈!

了解更多关于你家水质的信息. 你可以找到方法 使用WET省钱 或者改善家庭的健康状况. 加拿大28走势图的 公司网站 有很多关于硬水的教育文章吗, 软水, 反渗透水, 和有趣的文章,这样你就可以得到一杯最好的咖啡.

一个免费的 水处理傻瓜 这本书你可以从 WQA!


硝酸盐是一种自然存在的化合物,当氮和氧结合在土壤中形成. Small amounts of nitrate are normal, but excess amounts can pollute supplies of groundwater.


Common sources of nitrogen in the soil are fertilizers, livestock waste, 和 septic systems. Excess nitrate in the soil is most often found in rural 和 agricultural areas.


硝酸盐很容易在土壤中传播, carried by rain or irrigation water into groundwater supplies. 抽取地下水的水井可能会受到影响. 浅井, 沙质土壤中的井, 或者建造或维护不当的水井更有可能受到硝酸盐污染. 阅读更多关于 井水污染物 下水吧.


For most people, consuming small amounts of nitrate is not harmful. Nitrate can cause health 问题s for infants, especially those six months of age 和 younger. Nitrate interferes with their blood’s ability to transport oxygen. 这会导致缺氧, which results in a dangerous condition called methemoglobinemia, 或者“蓝宝宝综合症”.” The most common symptom of nitrate poisoning is bluish skin coloring, 尤其是眼睛和嘴巴周围. 六个月以下的婴儿以及孕妇和哺乳期妇女应避免饮用硝酸盐含量高的水. Cattle, horses, sheep, 和 baby pigs, are also susceptible to nitrate poisoning. 读到 硝酸盐是如何进入水中的 以及你能做些什么 解决你的饮用水问题 问题.

什么是百万分之一(ppm)或十亿分之一(ppb) ??

Most of the chemical data that is reported for water is expressed as a concentration:
One-Part-Per-Million can be thought of as one inch in 16 miles or one cent in $10,000.
One-Part-Per-Billion can be thought of as one second of time in 32 years.

It is EXTREMELY MIS引领ING to interpret these analogies to minimize the magnitude of the risks. Even miniscule amounts of certain contaminants can poison water.


The “slickness” felt after a 软水 shower is just the “real” you! Hard water does not easily rinse off the residue from cleaning products. When bathing in softened water, the use of less soap is desirable. 用足够的水彻底冲洗皮肤,你的皮肤会比用硬水洗澡更柔软光滑. 阅读更多关于为什么你可能不是 在淋浴时变得干净 就像你在硬水里想的那样.

All of the earth’s fresh water originally falls as rain, 雨夹雪 和 雪. Surface water is drawn upwards by the sun, where it forms as clouds. 当它落回地面时,它是纯净而柔软的, but as it does it also begins to pick up impurities in the air. 最后, 当它渗入岩石和土壤时,它会变得坚硬, 铁, 酸以及令人不快的气味和味道. 水被称为“万能溶剂”,因为随着时间的推移,它会溶解与之接触的一切. 高浓度的溶解矿物, 特别是钙和镁, are picked up through limestone 和 dissolved by rainwater which leads to hardness in water. 年前, 想要软水的人会在雨水能够从泥土中吸收杂质之前,把雨水收集在桶和水箱里. 在当今世界,加拿大28走势图可以通过离子交换介质生产软化水,这种介质具有吸引和捕获水中溶解的硬度杂质的优越能力. 您的WaterCare系统就是使用这项技术的结果. 这里是你的系统如何调节你的水.

软化过程(印象, 印象加, RC印象, 加拿大28走势图+, CS系列, CC系列):

  1. The softener/conditioner directs the flow of your household water through a column of media. The media making up this column is comprised of minute pockets 和 crevices. The media captures 和 holds the hardness impurities in the water. When they can no longer hold any more, the system must be regenerated, or recharged.
  2. Next, the media is backwashed to remove any sediment that may have accumulated in the tank. 任何沉淀物都会被冲到排水管里. 在充电的第二阶段, the media is automatically drenched in a salt solution (brine) which removes the hardness impurities.
  3. 如果系统安装在室外或泵房内, 污垢和碎片, 比如蜘蛛网, 昆虫, 等.,可能会产生机械问题. 您应该偶尔拆下控制阀盖,并用非常柔软、干燥的毛刷轻轻刷洗.


  1. A filter, like the softener, directs the flow of water through the media. 当水穿过介质时, 铁, 沙子和其他浑浊颗粒被介质“捕获”.
  2. Next, the media is backwashed to remove any sediment that may have accumulated in the tank. 这些沉淀物被冲到排水沟里.

All 水权 conditioners 和 some filters are designed to use salt. 所有的盐都可以, 不管其来源是什么, contain insoluble matter which accumulates at the bottom of the brine tank, 因此需要定期清洁. If pellet or rock salt is used, you should clean out your brine tank at least once a year. 如果使用太阳能盐, 盐水罐不需要经常清洗,但你应该定期检查是否有桥接现象. 用于软水机或空调的正常运行, the brine tank should be at least 1/3 full of salt at all times.

水权建议使用太阳能盐以获得最佳效果. Water- right生产的水软化剂和调理剂可以支持使用氯化钾(KCI)代替氯化钠作为再生剂.

警告: 不要使用含盐的矿物床清洁剂. 声称有任何除铁剂的盐, 锈储户, or additional cleaning agents should not be used as they can harm the media. Only “plain” solar salt, rock salt or block salts should be used. 请联系您的经销商了解更多信息.


*盐桥接发生在盐和水之间形成一个间隙,防止盐溶解在水中并形成卤水. 高湿度的影响以及使用某些品牌的纯盐产品可能会导致桥接形成.

检查和消除这个问题的一个快速方法是将膝盖压在盐水罐的侧面,听盐在罐内重新调整, 或者你可以拿一个扫帚柄,在扫帚末端做一个30英寸的记号,然后用扫帚柄小心地向下探盐. Should an obstruction be found before the mark on the broom h和le reaches the rim of the brine tank, 一座桥可能已经形成了. 继续探测,把桥拆了.

These simple precautions will help keep your water treatment system looking like new, 和 help ensure that you experience trouble free service for many years to come.

  1. Use only mild soap 和 warm water when cleaning the exterior of the system. 你不应该使用磨料, harsh cleaning compounds or any which contain acid such as vinegar, 或氧化剂,如漂白剂或类似产品.
  2. Do not stack heavy objects on top of the system’s control valve (timer case) or brine tank.
  3. 如果系统安装在室外或泵房内, 污垢和碎片 比如蜘蛛网, 昆虫, 等.,可能会产生机械问题. 您应该偶尔拆下控制阀盖,并用非常柔软、干燥的毛刷轻轻刷洗.
  4. 是否需要本使用和护理指南中未包含的故障排除或调整信息, please refer to the proper “Installation 和 Owner’s Manual” for your model. 如果你没有这本手册, it may be obtained from your local 水权 dealer or on-line at watercare.com.

水总是在你的控制器里面, 介质槽和盐水槽, 和 must be protected to prevent the water from freezing temperatures. 如果你的设备冻结了,不要试图拆卸它. 请致电您授权的水权经销商寻求服务.

建议定期清理盐水槽,以保持系统以最高效率运行. The following is a step-by-step procedure to properly clean out the brine tank. 减少完成任务的时间, it is suggested that you perform this clean out when the salt supply is low.


  • 橡胶软管
  • 独家新闻
  • Bucket-size容器
  • 家用擦洗刷
  • Philips-head螺丝刀
  • 柔软的抹布
  1. Remove the brine tank lid 和 plastic cap from the brine well.
  2. 将盐水井机构从盐水罐中取出,并小心地将其置于直立位置. 要做到这一点, 从安全浮子机构上断开盐水溢出管和盐水管线,并抓住盐水井内部的螺母, 拧开弯头. 小心别把坚果弄丢了.
  3. 你想保存干净的吗, 盐槽中残留的干盐, 将其取出并放入干净的容器中.
  4. Use a scoop to dig out 和 discard as much remaining salt, water 和 insoluble matter as possible.
  5. Carefully lay the brine tank on its side 和 using the garden hose, 冲洗水箱的内部,以冲洗掉所有的残留物和盐饼,已经贴在水箱内部.
  6. 如果安装了盐网, remove 和 clean it using a household scrub brush 和 mild soapy solution.
  7. 把盐水罐竖立起来. Place the brine well in position 和 reaffix it to the tank with the elbow 和 nut. 将盐水管线连接回安全浮子机构.
  8. 重新安装盐栅,更换盐水井盖.
  9. 向盐水箱注满2到3英寸的水.
  10. 向水箱中加入2/3的盐.
  11. 更换盐水罐盖.

请注意: Allow about 2 to 3 hours for brine solution to be made before the system regenerates.

These systems will display an error code if the unit has a malfunction. If an error is displayed in the window, please write it down 和 contact your servicing dealer. 此显示可以清除,按下 下一个回复 同时按5秒钟. This will remove the error display from the screen temporarily but if the unit malfunctions again, 显示屏将返回. Repeated resetting of this display is NOT RECOMMENDED 和 can damage the unit. 请联系经销商.

大多数消毒剂Plus系列设备都配备了一个功能,提醒房主设备的盐量不足. 这种“盐警报”功能将每三秒发出一声哔哔声,并在显示屏上发出警告. In order to stop the warning tones, simply push any button once on the cover of the unit. 要重新设置显示,请按 下一个回复 同时按按钮5秒钟. 请在机器中加入盐,机器将在下一个预定的再生时间正常再生. If salt is in the unit (at least one-third full) 和 alarm continues to display, 请与您的维修经销商联系.

没有盐就不能操作设备. 这会损坏本机内的介质.

The AC transformer comes with a 15 foot power cord 和 is designed for use with the control valve. 变压器只能在干燥的地方使用.

在停电的情况下,不超过24小时, 控制阀将记住所有设置和一天中的时间. 24小时后, 唯一需要重置的项目是白天的时间,并将由白天的时间闪烁表示. All other settings are permanently stored in the nonvolatile memory.